Musicality 101: Making the Most of Your Music

$30.00 Instructor: Vivian Vanguard (Edmonton)
Date: Saturday, June 8
Time: 3:30pm – 5pm
Cost: $30

Vivian Vanguard is an award-winning burlesque performer from Edmonton, AB who is known for her characterization, musicality, and Old Hollywood glamour!

So you’ve found the perfect song, now what?
In this musicality workshop we will explore what makes for a dynamic song choice for your next solo, and how to make the most of it once you’ve struck gold! We’ll dive into how to break your music down, identify the “wow” moments, and play with your music like a duet partner. Use the tools from this workshop to make the most of your next stage or roving burlesque performance!
This workshop will be part lecture, part movement, be prepared to play!!
What to wear/bring: come with something for notes, a water bottle, and your dancing shoes!

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